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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On a diet? Just drink diet soda, right?

Many patients opt for diet products because someone told them to cut back on sugar or calories. I have encouraged patients to drink clean room temperature water - preferably not too much at mealtime. Cold water at the start of a meal (like most restaurants give) is not good either - digestion is significantly impaired. Yes there is certainly room for freshly juiced veggies and fruit, tea, coffee, and kombucha, but not chemical-laced soda, sports drinks, sweetened tea, or store purchased juice.

"The study from researchers in Israel was released Wednesday by the journal Nature.
The work suggests the sweeteners change the composition of normal, beneficial bacteria in the gut. That appears to hamper how well the body handles sugar in the diet, which in turn can result in higher blood sugar levels. This impairment, called glucose intolerance, can eventually lead to diabetes."

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