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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flaxseed May Be A Potent Ovarian Cancer KILLER

We have had some success with flax and prostate cancer. It makes sense that it can help ovarian cancer as well. As an interesting coincidence, the Budwig diet has flax as a key component.


"A 2010 study published in the journal Gynecological Oncology found that hens fed with a 10% flaxseed-enriched diet for 1 year had "a significant reduction in late stage ovarian tumors," as well as "overall better health and reduced mortality."[1] The study authors concluded "These findings may provide the basis for a clinical trial that evaluates the efficacy of flaxseed as a chemosuppressant of ovarian cancer in women."

More recently, a study published this year in BMCGenomics[2] looked deeper into the possible molecular mechanisms involved in flaxseed's anti-tumor properties in ovarian cancers. Researchers used a "bioinformatic" approach by analyzing the pattern of gene expression in ovarian tumors, identifying which genes are up-regulated when tumors form and which are suppressed when the hens are fed a 10% flaxseed diet. 

Interestingly, they found that "a group of highly up-regulated genes that are involved in the embryonic process of branching morphogenesis [note: embryogenesis and carcinogenesis share similarities]," were reduced 40-60% in flaxseed fed hens. Moreover these 'cancer associated' changes in gene expression corresponded with increases in two specific cancer-associated biomolecules -- E-cadherin and miR200 – both of which were decreased 60-75% in tumors from flax-fed hens.  

The study authors concluded "CONCLUSIONS: We suggest that nutritional intervention with flaxseed targets the pathways regulating branching morphogenesis and thereby alters the progression of ovarian cancer."


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